Shivagarjana   a brand  related with a traditional Dhol-Tasha troupe, an organization established in the year 2002 with a mere  40 Dhols, 10 Tashas and team of 50 experienced shoulders. Since beginning Shivagarjana is focused to establish a milestone in this traditional folk art . With continuous efforts  the organization has grown up in multiples. We are now equipped with 140 Dhols, 35 Tashas and other related instruments. We are also supported with Dhwaja Pathak with a team of 80 Members and the total strength of Shivagarjana has now crossed the count of 500 members. Our members are aged between 6 to 70 years  . Today, we are working as one  family of  500 people. Shivagarjana is registered under charitable trust act in the year 2011.


In last 9 years, Shivagarjana has performed  in more than 100 Ganesh Festival, Navaratra Utsav, Diwali  festivals and different commercial events. Since beginning group is associated with renowned Ganpati Mandals like “Akhil Mandai Mandal”, “Guruji Talim Mandal” and many more.
All the member of Shivagarjana are working together  voluntarily.The motive is spreading this Dhol – Tasha art in all parts of the world. The dream we are carrying is  to spread culture of this traditional folk art.


First time in this traditional folk art  Shivagarjana has incorporated participation of lady members. This has helped out to create an entirely new impression at looking at this art.
There are also well wishers of Shivagarjana from far flung areas like Sydney (Australia). They are also engaged in promoting in Maharashtrian Dhol-Tasha culture there with the help of Shivagarjana.